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About Us

Holy Mission


Before launching Holy Fashion we were raging shopaholics ourselves. We wanted to provide something different, on a market over-saturated with the same mass wear brands we saw everywhere, not to mention that showing up at a party just to notice you were wearing the same thing as someone else in the room seemed a living nightmare.


Why did we call it Holy Fashion”?


Because we want to assure you a godly appearance. An image to make people say: “Holy $#!7! You look amazing!”.


We firmly believe that your wardrobe is your personal manner of expression. We believe that the best clothes have the power to define you, to make the most of you, to emphasize your qualities and  hide your less flattering features. When chosen and combined properly, clothes contour what we refer to as „style”.


This is why we have exclusive partnerships with some of the most original international brands, but we also promote local talent as well. We have new collections for fashion victims; and we give you the fairest and most affordable prices. We went for well-intended producers, whose work is based on high-quality materials and ethical treatment of employees. We regularly attend international fashion events, such as the ones in Paris and Milan, to keep ourselves updated and bring you “the latest and greatest”.


We are focused on urban – street fashion; nonetheless, our offer includes a great variety of products, from simple to sophisticated, from casual to office, party or even high end events. We adjust to any personal style, to any body shape and to any expectations.


You may decide to shop online – our detailed descriptions give you full information on your selected product. After you place your order, we call you for confirmation and provide you any other details you might be interested in, so that you rest assured that your decision was the right one. And even if the delivered and paid product is not what you desired, you may return it and we change it or grant full refund without further questions.


You can also come directly to our cosy showroom, located on Paris Street, where we greet you in a warm, friendly manner and entertain you with cheerful music, free styling advice and a wide selection of our offer, products you may try and purchase on the spot.


Visit our Holy VIP Corner section. You may enjoy photos of several Romanian artists and socialites, who have worked with Holy Fashion for various public appearances. They offered us the opportunity to shape their image. For one night, for several nights, and even for long-term partnerships. Come and allow us to define your image as well. We will create it in a holy fashion. :) 


Once you go holy, you never go back to profane again!