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Holy Fashion SRL
Paris Nr.17 Et.2 Ap.2
Sector 1 Bucuresti
PO: 011813

M-F: 10:00-20:00
Sat:  13:30-18:30
Sun: Close

Our showroom, which we may best describe as a proof and staple of the manner we comprehend the partnership with our customers.

There are plenty of online fashion stores  in Romania; yet, few of them grant a showroom, that would allow customers to see the products they intend to buy, to examine the fabrics and to try them, before parting with their money. And even those owning such spaces usually provide tiny and scarcely equipped fitting rooms, locations created with a focus on prompting people to make quick decisions and leave as soon as possible.

We beg to differ. Our showroom, located on 17 Paris Street, is an experience that is more likely to resemble a visit to your best friends, instead of a mere shopping spree. Our vast, open rooms are decorated in a smart and cosy manner, with the special glam instilled by black – and – white combinations. Moreover, our lively pop and rnb music and the warm, friendly conversation by our stylists, ready and willing to work with you on finding the best choices to suit you, eager to listen to your ideas and share some of theirs, make the difference you will experience right away.

Besides the offer that includes a variety of products, the chance to discover some of them that perhaps failed to grab your attention online, we offer you original suggestions on combinations, options for accesories, styling advice, fashion counseling, and all of it is included in the price of the products you buy.

Our fitting room has the dimensions of a regular apartment room. It has a cosy couch, so that you can try clothes on comfortably. There is also a huge mirror, so that you can see yourself in all angles. Space and coziness grant relaxation; they make you feel as if you were changing your clothes at home, and they intensify the joy of each product that fits and suits you.

This is the joy we experience as well, because it reaches our main goal: to see our customers happy.

We are looking forward to your visit. :)