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Check Your Package on Delivery

We want to make sure that what you purchased is exactly as you want it, fits your size and your quality expectations, therefore we added the "open on delivery" service for all our orders. We kindly ask you to keep only the items that you are fully satisfied with. At HolyFashion you ONLY pay after you open the package and make sure you have received your order in perfect condition. The "Opening the package on delivery" service covers all the products sold and delivered by HolyFashion and applies both to individuals and legal entities who purchased products on


How does the service work?


Upon receipt of your order, please ask the courier to open the package in order to check the status of the product/products.

If after opening the package you find that the ordered product is not in perfect condition, shows signs of impact, scratching or other type of aesthetic problems, or is not your size please refuse the order. To reject the order you must fill in a Report of Findings in the courier’s presence, upon delivery. The report cannot be filled in after the courier leaves. However, you can still return a product if it doesn't meet your expectations.


If you choose to pay cash, please request the opening of the package before you pay the order, mandatory in the presence of the courier.

If you paid online and after opening the package you decide to return the product, the amount paid online will be refunded in the account from which you have paid, as soon as possible but not later than 10 working days after receiving back the product/s from you.


In case of orders that contain several products, if after opening the package / packages on delivery, you decide to renounce the purchase, the procedure involves the return of the entire order, all products supplied default.


Who pays the shipping?

In case of return through the service "Opening the package on delivery" shipping fees are covered by the seller.



This service is valid ONLY for orders that are shipped IN ROMANIA.