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Return Policy

The customer has the right to notify the Company in writing of the intention to renounce the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a particular reason within 14 business days from receipt of the product. Once the 14 business days for returning the product without invoking a particular reason have expired, returns are possible only for defective items.

All products sold by HOLY FASHION come with a 31-day minimum warranty. If a product comes with a longer warranty period, this will be mentioned in the product description. Customers have the right to return one or more faulty items within 31 days of purchase. After this period expires the customer has the right to ask for an exchange or a free repair in case of a manufacturing fault, by email, but not later than 90 days from purchase. 

We take no responsibilty for problems where mis-use has contributed to the problem. Accidental damage, not washing items according to the instructions or scratches from wearing it,  are not considered manufacturing defects, therefore are not covered by warranty.

Warning! Products in sales or promotions can only be returned in maximum 5 working days after receipt without invoking a particular reason, or 31 days for faulty items.

Before returning any item, the Customer has an obligation to notify the Company in writing at .


These dispositions are applied according to Government Ordinance No. 130/2000, since making a purchase on this Website involves long-distance communication technology.

Shipping fees in case of a return will be paid by Holy Fashion.


Products can be returned without invoking a reason and without penalties under the following conditions:


- the labels on returned items are intact.

- the quality of returned items is the same as the quality upon receipt.

- the products have not been worn. 

Refund to the Customer who has renounced a purchase will be issued within a maximum of 10 working days from the receipt of the returned item/s.


Repeatedly renouncing purchases may be considered abuse of service and may lead to the Company’s refusal to honor further orders. Holy Fashion reserves the right to select their clientele.


Upon placement of an order on the Website, a Customer declares that she/he has been advised and agrees entirely to aforementioned aspects. Acceptance of aforementioned conditions is equivalent to a contract between parties, thus the Civil Code and Commercial Code are applicable.