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La Haine Inside US


¾  low-crotch Trousers with pockets, button closure and personalized gros-grain band.The model ..

449.00LEI 89.80LEI Ex Tax: 89.80LEI

Xagon Man


The Xagon Man fantasy long version Shirt is a refined way to add personality to your cold weather re..

389.00LEI 155.60LEI Ex Tax: 155.60LEI


Jacket JK011

A denim jacket is a fantastic option to have at your disposal for its versatility, especially at thi..

1,799.00LEI 1,439.20LEI Ex Tax: 1,439.20LEI

La Haine Inside US



645.00LEI 387.00LEI Ex Tax: 387.00LEI



Cotton blended Shirt with unique design and buttons closure. The model is 175 cm, 55 kg and wears si..

995.00LEI 199.00LEI Ex Tax: 199.00LEI


Beanie 76444 Brown

The beanie is the perfect winter accessory. If you prefer a more traditional one without all the bel..

139.00LEI 69.50LEI Ex Tax: 69.50LEI

La Haine Inside US

Leather Jacket DEDA

The model is 182 cm, 82 kg and wears size M. ..

3,089.00LEI 2,162.30LEI Ex Tax: 2,162.30LEI


Shorts 73195 Grey

These grey BL.11's Shorts have been made in Italy using the same attention to detail the brand affor..

299.00LEI 89.70LEI Ex Tax: 89.70LEI


Pants 75853

You could easily recreate one of the outfits posted on Holy Fashion's Instagram using these cream co..

599.00LEI 299.50LEI Ex Tax: 299.50LEI

La Haine Inside US

Shirt WOLFE Black

The model is 182 cm, 80 kg and wears size L...

629.00LEI 314.50LEI Ex Tax: 314.50LEI

Les Bourdelles Des Garçons

Trousers NEW YORK

Cone-shaped Trousers with rhinestones and pockets.The model is 175 cm, 55 kg and wears size 40...

680.00LEI 204.00LEI Ex Tax: 204.00LEI


Shirt CA4/409

Famous for their qualitative approach to fabrics, I'M BRIAN recommends this Shirt made in Italy. Thi..

379.00LEI 189.50LEI Ex Tax: 189.50LEI

Xagon Man

Jeans CR1013 White

 The model is 182 cm, 80 kg and wears size 48...

419.00LEI 293.30LEI Ex Tax: 293.30LEI

Les Bourdelles Des Garçons

Blazer LAGO White

Long version Jacket with low-cut neck and pockets. The model is 175 cm, 55 kg and  wears size 4..

950.00LEI 475.00LEI Ex Tax: 475.00LEI

La Haine Inside US

T-shirt LAER


699.00LEI 349.50LEI Ex Tax: 349.50LEI

Xagon Man

T-shirt JBB305 White

The model is 182 cm, 82 kg and wears size L.  ..

145.00LEI 116.00LEI Ex Tax: 116.00LEI

Le Specs

Sunglasses ECHO LSP1702152

Category 3 Lens –Good  UV protection. Le Specs protective pouch included.Warranty: 1 Year Warra..

349.00LEI 209.40LEI Ex Tax: 209.40LEI

La Haine Inside US

T-shirt BREAL


699.00LEI 349.50LEI Ex Tax: 349.50LEI

La Haine Inside US

Dress MAAT


530.00LEI 265.00LEI Ex Tax: 265.00LEI

Le Specs

Sunglasses ENCHANTRESS LSP1802438

This sleek and modern take on the classic cats eye shape is the sharpest look this season, and featu..

329.00LEI 197.40LEI Ex Tax: 197.40LEI

La Haine Inside US



749.00LEI 222.00LEI Ex Tax: 222.00LEI